Coverage, 2014

Reclaimed glass (60 slumped forms), 2m x 6m

Images: Anita Beaney and courtesy of the artist

Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Artwork catalogue essay here

From above, the earth’s surface appears randomly cut, segmented and re-articulated into abstract shapes. This makes it difficult to understand its original formation. Coverage uses discarded urban waste glass is used as a medium to underpin concepts of segmentation and destruction as a form of alteration.

Earth sciences say that up to 80 per of the earths surface has been altered by human intervention paving the way for suggestions that we have entered a new epoch - The Anthropocene or Human Era. Coverage examines the idea that humans are a geo-physical force as effective at visually altering the surfaces of the planet as geo-phenomena such as earthquakes, glacial movement and erosion.