In Focus, 2017

Reclaimed broken glass bottle fragments, acrylic, steel, timber, lighting

Images: Christo Crocker

Memory Palace, curated by Jake Treacy

Campbell Arcade, De Greaves Lane and Flinders St Station, Melbourne, Australia

Exhibiting artists: ShengYang Zhu, Noah Spivak, Nanou Dupuis, Angela Louise Powell, David Mutch, Natasha Johns-Messenger, Ben Taranto, Jake Treacy, Aaron Christopher Rees, Ria Green, Uri Auerbach, Darcy Smith, James Murnane and Vivian Cooper Smith

Ben Taranto offers prismatic visions through the flames of a fire, where the majesty of light is refracted and reconfigured through a new jewel-encrusted topography. These fragments of glass translate light as the sun does when reflected upon the veins of rivers from an aerial vantage, creating a permeance through kaleidoscopic-geographic veneration. However this crystalline monolith also recalls a portal of modern technology, broadcasting a microcosmic vision of the altering effects waste portends upon the landscape. Like a screen it draws you in and keeps you there; it pushes and pulls; it is the endless dim of a setting sun upon the horizon of a slow burning ocean.

- Jake Treacy