Sa Taronja Cultural Association, Andratx, Majorca, Spain

October - November 2012

The cultural association existed on the site on an old chicken and citrus farm. Three long buildings where chickens once roosted, now function as artist studios, a grand gallery space, a theatre, an event space and visiting artist apartments. It was here that I could walk 45mins down the hill to the sea where I could take a boat to a dive site as short ride away to capture the captivatingly blue and very deep Mediterranean Sea - a beautiful environmental abomination. The rocky and cavernous underwater landscape is largely devoid of fish but spectacularly framed by blue water.

It was here that I captured the Blue Space series - a number of moving images that were exhibited at the Grand Gallery at the Association at the conclusion of the residency, the Gertrude Street Projection Festival and in spaces and galleries around Melbourne.