Expanding Australia, 2016

Laminated timber, mirrored acrylic, 3m x 4m

Images courtesy of the artist

Solo Exhibition

Frankston Art Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Expanding Australia was the outcome of an artist residency at the East Coburg Community House, Melbourne, Australia. I began with a segmented map of the Moreland City Council area and ended with a functional floor sculpture of the two phases of continental Australia. I was able to utilise the large space which dictated the size of the work, the projector in order to plan the work and the outdoor area to cut the work on site.

The local community engaged with the work giving me feedback as the work developed. I see this work as being the beginning of work and not a finished piece. I see it as a way of opening dialogue with the Indigenous Community while educating people of the existence of one of the oldest cultures on the planet beneath their very feet.

Many thanks to Catherine Connolly, Emma Salaoras and Alex Coulombe for their assistance with this work.