Chinese and European Art Centre (CEAC), Xiamen, Fujian Province, Southern China

March 16th - April 18th, 2018

We are Stars, 2018

Reinforced steel, enamel paint

Image courtesy of the artist

These well travelled international stars were first observed in the rapid currents of the Indian Ocean off Zanzibar. The first trio was realised in Melbourne with these three being outsourced to steel workers in Xiamen, China on a recent artist residency.

It was a new experience to be distanced from the making of work, supplying only drawings, measurements and some basic instructions. With this work I explore the dualities of ornament and organism, conservation and consumerism, and the two roles of artist and fabricator that I find myself regularly moving between.

To remove something is to act on a desire to own and often, to alter something or someone forever. Therein exists a modern darkness within our era of hyper acceleration of urban construction, land alteration and of the removal of resources/biodiversity from our lands and seas. The niches created by that which is removed, allows for replacements of all kinds to fill their place.